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The Wren’s Nest was a loving home filled with warm and happy memories. Today, it’s becoming the place for preserving, performing, and promoting storytelling with a focus on the people and stories of the American South. Our goal is to bring joy to the West End and the Atlanta community by encouraging storytelling and working to improve literacy and communication skills for all ages.

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Write about what you know and care deeply about.”

Joel Chandler Harris

the whole story

In 2021, The Wren’s Nest will be introducing four seasons of uniquely themed programming to engage our diverse and growing audience. In the first season we’ll focus on “Telling the Whole Story” and share the legacies of the African American Storytellers who first told Joel Chandler Harris the Brer Rabbit stories that he would later record in The Constitution and other published works. We’ll also discuss the significance of these folktales and examine the controversy surrounding how they were re-told.

Family storytelling

In Season Two, the focus will shift to “Family Storytelling”  including the importance of the stories of parents, grandparents, and the elders in our community as well as everyday dinner table conversations.